Silver Convention

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Silver Convention

Mensaje por Aluminca el Dom Oct 09, 2011 12:41 am

CD 1

  1. Get Up And Boogie
  2. Always Another Girl
  3. Acuestate Conmigo
  4. Dancin In The Aisle
  5. I Like It
  6. No No Joe
  7. Thank You Mr DJ
  8. Tiger Baby
  9. Blame It On The Music
  10. Boy Whit The Ooh La La
  11. Breakfast In Bed
  12. Chains Of Love
  13. Get It Up
  14. Heart Of Stone
  15. Love In A Sleeper
  16. Mission To Venus
  17. Old Wine In New Bottle
  18. Everybodys Talkin About Love


CD 2

01.Fly Tobin Fly
02.Save me
03.Oooh what a night
04.Spend the night with me
05.You got what it takes
06.Play me like a yo-yo
07.Please don't change the chords
08.Son of a gun
09.You turned me on
10.San Francisco Hustle
11.Take me, wake me, shake me
12.City in the sun
13.Fancy party
14.Land of make believe
17.Cafe au lait(enhanced version)


Se Feliz.

No llores como mujer, lo que no defendiste como hombre.


Masculino Cantidad de envíos : 1096
Edad : 55
Puntos : 40309
Fecha de inscripción : 01/03/2008

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